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Detective Division

Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Unit

Goldsboro/Wayne Interagency Drug Squad

Special Weapons and Tactics Team

Wayne County's Helicopter "Raven", callsign AirWatch 1

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Aggressive Criminal
Enforcement Team


      The A.C.E. Team was formed in September of 1996 by Sheriff Carey Winders. The team is a four man squad consisting of a supervisor, three Deputies and K-9 "Max". This team was developed originally to address street level narcotics problems, but in time proved to be effective in many ways. Past assignments have included aggressive DWI detection, surveillance and saturating patrols in areas with exceptionally high crime rates.
      Each team member has extensive training in the detection and interdiction of narcotics, as well as search and seizure practices. Their vehicles are unmarked and are heavily equipped with tools such as Radar Units, Digital Phones, Portable Breathalyzers, Mobile Vision and Surveillance Cameras. To date, the A.C.E. Team holds the record for the largest LSD drug bust in Wayne County history. An executed search warrant resulted in the seizure of 1,050 hits of the potent LSD drug.
      In addition to their specialized patrol assignments, the A.C.E. Team performs many different operations. These operations include street level undercover drug buys, search warrant executions and surveillance of persons or property as needed. In 1999, the A.C.E Team made over 300 felony arrests. Seizure statistics will be posted on this page soon. The A.C.E. Team is available by request to any agency in Wayne County having problems in a concentrated area.       


Armed Robber Chase
Chasing an armed robber.

Indoor Grow Operation
Indoor Grow Operation

51 Gallons of Moonshine
51 Gallons of Seized Moonshine

Seized Cash and Safe
Executed Search Warrant Resulted in
a $8,988 Cash Seizure


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