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Civil Division


Lt. Owen Jackson

Captain Owen Jackson


Sgt Allen Sauls

Sgt. Allen Sauls


        The Wayne County Sheriff's Office Civil Division currently consists of 4 different sections. These sections are Civil Processes, Warrants, Court Security and Child Support. This Division is led by Lt. Owen Jackson and Sgt. Allen Sauls. There are a total of 12 full-time Deputies, 13 part-time Deputies and two civilian assistants in this Division.

        The Civil Process Section has 3 full-time Deputies and 3 part-time Deputies. This section is responsible for the Service of Civil Processes, Evictions, Carrying out Pre and Post-Judgement Remedies as well as the execution of any other Orders that the Courts deem necessary. With the assistance of 9 Special Deputies that serve Processes, the Civil Section will serve over 19,000 Civil Papers from all over the United States in an average year.

        The Warrant Section is responsible for the service of all Warrants and Orders for Arrest assigned to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. These papers are from all 100 counties in North Carolina. In 1999, this section served over 3,700 Warrants and Orders for Arrest.

        The Child Support Section works closely with the Department of Social Services. Processes served by this Section include the Collection of Child Support for minor children and serving Orders for Arrest for Contempt. In 1999, this Section served approximately 2,800 papers and assisted in the collection of $54,000 in back Child Support payments.

        The Court Section consists of 9 part-time Deputy Bailiff's. They are assigned to work in all Courts held in Wayne County. Their duties include handling prisoners, protection of Court Officials, Jurors and Witnesses and carrying out any other Orders of the Court.


Ellen Grice and Donna Pate
Assistants Ellen Grice and Donna Pate


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