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Community Oriented
Prevention Education

"Together We Can"

        The Community Oriented Prevention Education Program (C.O.P.E.) was launched by Sheriff Carey A. Winders in July of 2000. This new Division is the uniformed branch of Investigations and institutes all of the previous Community Services including Community Crime Watch, School Resource Officers, Crime Prevention and our newest section - Crime Analysis. Their motto is "Together We Can". This new Division is led by Captain Ray Smith.

         The purpose of this new Division is to improve Community Services as a whole. Community Education and Crime Prevention will be boosted to new levels, increasing Community Awareness and increasing the quality of life in your neighborhood. An example of this is that School Resource Officers will, during summer months and other times that school is not in session, be patrolling neighborhoods in their assigned school districts. These Officers will be spending time with the youth and promoting Crime Prevention with the residents. This will also benefit Neighborhood Watches as several Deputies will be assigned to specific neighborhoods.

        The Crime Prevention Section includes 6 full-time School Resource Officers and a Crime Trend Analyst. These Officers will be available to speak to local Community Groups upon request. We are also offering free home security surveys. Upon your request, a Crime Prevention Officer will come to your home and offer advice on how to better protect your home against burglars. To have your home surveyed, request a Deputy to speak at a function or to schedule a tour of the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center, please call (919)580-4066.

        The new Crime Trend Analyst will examine trends in all areas of Wayne County. Custom computer software has been written and donated to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. This new program will assist the analyst in graphically plotting trends and patterns in crime rates. Studies are currently being performed on crime types, location, time and date of occurrences and victim types just to name a few. The results of these ongoing studies will be forwarded to the Patrolling Shifts and Investigators to indicate areas that need specialized attention.



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