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Detention Center


Lieutenant James Tadlock

Captain James Tadlock

      Construction of the New Wayne County Detention Center was completed in 1994. This new facility consists of seven floors and is designed to house approximately 200 inmates (178 male beds and 22 female beds). The Lower Level of the facility consists of the Booking area, 6 Holding Cells, 2 Special Purposes Cells, 3 cells which houses eight inmate trustees, the Kitchen and the Intoxilyzer Room. The Sheriff’s Office occupies the first floor of the facility and the remaining five floors contains cellblocks. Each floor consists of 38 beds, except the fifth floor, which consists of 48 beds. The Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center moved into the new facility on April 02, 1995. On the day of the move, the inmate population was 127 inmates (115 males and 12 females’). Since moving into this new facility the population has ranged from a low of 110 inmates to an all time high of 251 inmates during the year of 1999.
      The Detention Center staff consists of a Captain, Lieutenant, First Sergeant, Transportation Officer, and 48 Detention Officers who work twelve-hour shifts (two permanent day shifts and two permanent night shifts). There is a Sergeant and Corporal on each shift who provide supervision. The Detention Center is also staffed with 3 Inmate Services Officers, who handle inmate funds accounts, mail, visitation, canteen and etc., one Officer assigned to the AFFIS Live Scan unit, and one Officer who maintains a computerized record of all Inmate court appearances, court dispositions and etc.
      Food services for the Detention Center is provided through contract with ABL Management Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This company provides three meals each day to all Inmates at a cost based on the daily inmate population, this cost ranges from approximately $0.98 to $1.65 per meal. ABL has been contracted to provide food service for the Detention Center since April 1994. In addition to the ABL Food Service Staff, 5 Inmate Trustees are provided by the Detention Center to assist the food service staff with cleaning and serving the meals.
      If you have a friend or family member in the Wayne County Detention Center, and have general questions about visitation or the well being of an inmate, please check our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center
Wayne County Sheriff's Office and
Detention Center - Completed in 1994


Live Scan Digital Finger Print and Imaging System
Live Scan Digital Finger Print and Imaging System


Intoxilyzer 5000 Unit
Intoxilyzer 5000 Alcohol Detection Unit


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