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Goldsboro/Wayne Interagency Drug Squad

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Wayne County's Helicopter "Raven", callsign AirWatch 1

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Goldsboro-Wayne County
Inter-Agency Drug Task Force


A Crack Cocaine "Cookie"
Crack Cocaine - On the left is a
Crack Cocaine "Cookie"

        The Goldsboro-Wayne County Inter-Agency Drug Task Force was formed in the mid 1970's and is one of the longest running multi-jurisdictional Task Forces in North Carolina. This Squad consists of a Wayne County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant, Sergeant and Deputy, a Goldsboro Police Department Lieutenant, Sergeant and two Officers, and a Special Agent from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations.

        This Division works closely with Federal Agencies such as the D.E.A., U.S. Customs and the U.S. Treasury Department. Efforts are also combined with the Air Support Division of the Sheriff's Office. Their investigations have spanned from North Carolina to California. The largest single seizure to date occurred during a recent investigation which originated in Texas. This case resulted in the seizure of over $1.9 million in marijuana. Total weight of this seizure exceeded 800 pounds. Currently, there are several investigations ongoing that extend outside the North Carolina borders.

        In 1999, this Task Force was involved in over 225 major felony arrests and seized over $1.6 million dollars in cash, drugs and property. As a result of these seizures, over $150,000 in cash was returned to the agencies to aid in purchasing equipment, fuel for AirWatch 1, and vehicles for the Task Force.


Marijuana Plants

Marijuana Plant
Marijuana plants seized that
were growing in Wayne County.


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