Fallen Officers of Wayne County

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called
the children of God

Matthew 5:9


Det. Capt. Jerry K. Best
Wayne County Sheriff's Office (2002)


Det Sgt Ron Baker

Det. Sgt. Ron Baker at the
Washington Law Enforcement Memorial
Washington, D.C.



Law Enforcement Memorial

Sheriff John Coor-Pender
Wayne County Sheriff's Office (1816)


Trooper I.T. Moore

North Carolina Highway Patrol (1937)


Officer Herbert C. Wiegan

Goldsboro Police Department (1940)


Officer Frank Faircloth

Goldsboro Police Department (1960)


Officer Mahlon M. Parks

Goldsboro Police Department (1960)


Chief Walter B. Braswell

Fremont Police Department (1965)


Officer Walter J. Rouse

Goldsboro Police Department (1968)


Trooper Michael L. Martin
North Carolina Highway Patrol (1988)


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