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Wayne County Sheriff's Shoulder Patch


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School Resource Officers, Crime Prevention and Analysis

Wayne County Detention Center

Patrol and K-9 Division

Detective Division

Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Unit

Goldsboro/Wayne Interagency Drug Squad

Special Weapons and Tactics Team

Wayne County's Helicopter "Raven", callsign AirWatch 1

Search and Rescue Team

Wayne County's Honor Guard

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Sheriff's Office Address and Phone Numbers


Patrol/K-9 Division


Captain Billy Anderson

Capt. Billy Anderson


Duke is on the way!

Rapid Deployment
K-9 "Duke"

    The Wayne County Sheriff's Office currently deploys 4 patrolling squads on a daily rotation. Each squad is manned by a Shift Sergeant, a Corporal and four Patrol Deputies. All Patrol Sergeants answer to Patrol Captain Billy Anderson. Included in this duty roster are 2 highly trained and specialized K-9 units. At full staff, there is one K-9 unit per squad, however, there are currently two vacancies in the K-9 Team. These K-9's are utilized primarily for narcotics, tracking, evidence retrieval, high risk building searches and Search and Rescue. "Duke" and "Max" are also trained for cadaver retreival on land and in water.
    In 1999, the Patrol Division answered 26,748 calls which required Law Enforcement intervention. Of the reporting calls, an average of 21% will be from domestic violence, one of the highest risk calls for a Law Enforcement Officer. Further statistics show that 74% will be a report of a misdemeanor crime and an average 26% will be a report of a felony occurance. A monthly average of arrests will be 112 for misdemeanor charges and 39 for felonies.


Sgt. S. Daly
"A" Squad Supervisor

Sgt Steve Mozingo

Sgt. S. Mozingo
"B" Squad Supervisor


Sgt Carter Hicks

Sgt. C. Hicks
"C" Squad Supervisor

Sgt Dwayne Edwards

Sgt. D. Edwards
"D" Squad Supervisor


Deputy Mike Cox and "Max"

Dep. Mike Cox
and "Max"

Cpl Jeff Williams and Duke

Cpl. Jeff Williams
and "Duke"


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160 pounds of Marijuana valued at $180,000.
K-9 "Max"


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