Drug Offender Round-up Yields 13 Arrests

On 10/08/2002, the below listed 13 suspects were charged and arrested for various Felony Drug Charges. Undercover Officers from surrounding jurisdictions assisted the Drug Squad with this 7 month campaign which began in February 2002. During this campaign over $316,000.00 in drugs was seized. Of this total, $202,340.00 was Methamphetamine. Commonly known on the street as "Gas" or "Crank", the Drug Officers were alarmed at the increase of Methamphetamine being sold in Wayne County. This campaign included over 40 Officers and targeted "Major Dealers" of both Cocaine and Methamphetamine. The suspects arrested are listed below.

Nikia Shonta Maye
506 Courtyard Circle, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $50,000.00

Darien Eugene Wynn
1901-A Maple Street, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $25,000.00

Andrew Smith
416-B Lime Street, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $100,000.00

Larry Nolan Smith
2976 US 13 South, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $50,000.00

Robert Reid
416-B Lime Street, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $25,000.00

Deborah W. Purdy
1376 Dobbersville Road, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $25,000.00

Aaron Kane Taylor
400 Price Road, Seven Springs NC
Bond- $5,000.00

Kenneth Eugene Taylor
4063 NC 111 South, Albertson NC
Bond- $1,000,000.00

Marcus Derrell Whitfield
902 N. Madison Avenue, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $25,000.00

Aaron Bruno King
417 Gulley Street, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $25,000.00

John J. Spearman
413 South George Street, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $25,000.00

Jayzena Ann Hester
202 Twinn Creek Drive, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $50,000.00

William Andrew Kornegay
313 Windsor Drive, Goldsboro NC
Bond- $25,000.00


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