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Carey A. Winders, Sheriff - A Biographical Summary

  Carey Winders is a Wayne County native who was born and raised in the Nahunta community. He is the son of the late Aaron and Ernestine Winders, who were tenant farmers in the Nahunta, Fremont, Eureka and Faro areas. Carey graduated from Charles B. Aycock High School in 1975 and was raised in a Christian home filled with high morals and strong family values. Carey and his family attended Union Grove Free Will Baptist Church, which is where he met his wife to be, the former Teresa Sullivan.

    In 1981, Carey Winders married Teresa Sullivan. Today, they have three daughters. Jessica-age 16, Ashley-age 13, and Carianne-age 8. The Winders family now resides in the Pikeville community, not far from where Carey and Teresa both grew up. The Winders family still attends Union Grove Free Will Baptist Church.

    After high school graduation, Carey began a career in the grocery business. He managed several different departments which provided him 8 years of managerial experience. These years provided essential training for managing personnel as well as financial budgets and clerical skills. In 1984, Carey was ready for the career change which would ultimately lead him into the Office of the Sheriff in Wayne County.

    Carey Winders started his Law Enforcement career at the Goldsboro Police Department in 1984. Starting off as a Patrol Officer, a very progressive Winders worked his way up at the Goldsboro Police Department and was promoted into Investigations. Here, Carey obtained as much training and education as he possibly could. Winders' education included being a B.L.E.T. graduate from Wayne Community College, certified by the N.C. Justice Academy in Homicide Investigations, Sexual Assault Investigations, Arson Investigation, Financial Fraud Investigations, Crime Scene Processing, Interview and Interrogations, Discourse Analysis and Case Management. Carey Winders was also one of the first in the state to graduate from the N.C. Criminal Investigators Academy, and had also received training from the F.B.I., D.E.A. and the Secret Service.

    In 1993, Carey Winders announced his candidacy for the 1994 Sheriff's election. This was to be his first victorious election making Carey A. Winders the first Republican Sheriff in Wayne County's history. Sheriff Winders was also one of the youngest and most pro-active Sheriff's to ever take office.  He is one of only nine Sheriff's in the state of North Carolina to graduate from of the National Sheriff's Institute. Being an educated modern visionary, the Sheriff's goals would now require stern leadership, dedication, professionalism, and  the strongest concern for the safety and well being of the people of Wayne County. Sheriff Winders was also determined to bring the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department into the 21st Century.

    As the new Sheriff in 1994, there was little equipment to work with. Deputies were working with outdated or worn out gear. Many Deputies were buying gear with their own money because the budget did not allow for certain items or the money just wasn't available. There were no computer systems to aid with warrants, civil papers, personnel, training or incident reports. The available manpower for the department was also insufficient to handle the uprising crime trends, mainly the war on drugs and the surging increase of property crimes.

    During Sheriff Winders' first term, the progress was staggering. Knowing that the county budget is funded by taxpayers, Sheriff Winders immediately put his business mind into action. State and Federal grants were heavily researched with totally positive results. Throughout his second term this progression increasingly continued. These grants have now provided a state of the art computer network throughout the entire Sheriff's Office which is connected directly to Raleigh. Equipment for Patrol Officers such as Kevlar Vests, New Radios, Firearms, Uniforms, Radar Units, Mobile Cameras and Portable Breathalyzers have also been purchased with grant funds. Grants have also provided substantial funding for the desperately needed additional personnel. AirWatch 1, the Sheriff's Office Helicopter, was also obtained through a grant, costing taxpayers nothing. Even the fuel to fly the helicopter and the replacement parts are at no cost to county taxpayers. It is this type of dedicated leadership that Wayne County needs to ensure and maintain a positive and growing future.

   Sheriff Carey Winders set goals, accomplished them and even exceeded them. He is a  pro-active member of this agency as well as a leader. Sheriff Winders is deeply involved in community affairs and has established many new teams to combat crime and ensure the safety of the County Citizens. All the while, saving taxpayers dollars. Sheriff Winders currently serves on the Board of Directors of North Carolina Justice Academy Alumni Association, Wayne Community College Law Enforcement Board of Advisors, Community Relations Board of Seymour Johnson Federal Prison, Wayne County Criminal Justice Partnership Advisory Board, Wayne Memorial Hospital W.A.T.C.H. Board, North Carolina Sheriff’s Legislative Committee, and serves on the Wayne County Strategic Planning Committee. Winders is a member of the National Sheriff’s Association, North Carolina Sheriff’s Association, National Sheriff’s Institute, National Chief of Police Association, Wayne County Law Enforcement Association, N.R.A., Masons, Wayne County Shriners, Sudan Temple, Southern States Police Benevolent Association, Wayne County Fraternal Order of Police, Law Enforcement Alliance, and the Mental Health Association.

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